Wide range of equipment and hardware
At Trackwriters we have a large selection of instruments, equipment and hardware
Professional Equipment for Professional Sound
At Trackwriters we have invested in some very nice equipment over the years
Tailored Session Structure
At Trackwriters we can offer whatever services you need to suit your requirements and budget
Sound Engineer, Musician and Producer
You will always have a sound engineer, musician and producer included in the price
Excellent Monitoring System
We have a great monitoring setup at Trackwriters to accurately check mixes
Trackwriters is the perfect recording studio for singer/songwriters

Hello. Welcome to TrackWriters Recording Studio

We are a small recording studio and production suite based in Oslo, specialising in recording and producing for bands and singer/songwriters, game audio, bespoke music writing, mixing and mastering. As well as having all the latest gear, we’re 15 minutes outside Oslo city centre and we are one of the best priced recording studios around.


At Trackwriters we offer a small but professional high-end recording studio and imaginitive, forward thinking production. The studio is run by Dan Wakefield whose music has been featured on almost all the BBC radio stations in Britain, Kerrang and, briefly, the official UK music charts. Dan was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist in the UK band Dastards for six years.


At TrackWriters we just want to help people make great music. Whatever your project or budget, all we want to do is help your music become the best it can be, so get in touch!

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Original Music and Sound Design for Antagonist Games' Forthcoming Title, Through the Woods
Through the Woods is a third person horror-adventure game that tells a close and personal story. It takes place on a mysterious island, hidden by fog. The game is inspired by Norwegian nature and art history. We are composing original music and working on the sound design for the game.
Andy - The Oslo Recordings
Andy is a fantastically talented singer/songwriter from beautiful Amsterdam. She came across our studio while working in Oslo. She liked our relaxed atmosphere and decided to record her second E.P. at TrackWriters.
Red Bull Conference Music
We were asked to record some audio for Red Bull that involved us recording our producer's heart with a microphone strapped tight his chest, and ended up with opening up a can of Red Bull to hear the fizz die down. Intense.
Panasonic Midi Ringtones
Panasonic called us one day and asked us to go to their UK headquarters in Wales with a bunch of equipment to help them install new ringtones onto a prototype office mobile. Now that the NDA has expired we can tell you that we were optimising the ringtones from a bigger handset to work with the new phone's smaller speaker. A complex but exciting couple of days.
Original computer game theme music
We had the fantastic opportunity to write the music for Sapling Games' new Android title, Glowbat. We came up with the theme tune, menu, in-game and power-up tracks. One of our favourite projects so far.
Original music commissioned for BBC3
We were asked to write an original song on short notice for a BBC3 documentary called Don't Panic, I'm Islamic that attempted to dispell common misconceptions and stereotypes many people have concerning British Muslims and their day to day lives. Cue a night of frantic research and lots of coffee.
Natural Hydration Council
We were asked by the Natural Hydration Council to compose an original piece of music for a daytime TV spot they had the next day.
AWMR - A Life Better Left Lifeless
AWMR are a post hardcore band from Bristol. The guys came to the studio to record their debut single, a life Better Left Lifeless, and we even drove to pick one of them up from the bus stop as they got lost. We had the lyrics, 'I watch them as they eat you alive' in our heads for days. A great bunch of guys and a fun session.
Sadie Fleming - Butterfly Wishes
Sadie Fleming is an awesome Bristol based singer/songwriter. She had self-produced an amazing album called Butterfly Wishes that we still listen to here on a regular basis. We mixed the tracks Sadie had recorded and re-recorded some new instruments and the end results speak for themselves. Be sure to check her out.
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