About Me

I've been making music since I was four years old!
I want to make your game come alive with sound and music

I am a sound designer and composer from jolly old England. I am currently based in Oslo, Norway, where I live with my partner and our son.

I have been making music since I was very young and became involved in the Norwegian indie game scene in early 2014.

I joined Antagonist, a small indie studio based in Oslo, three years ago as the composer. I then became the sound designer, the writer and responsible for marketing and social media.

I am now the CEO as well and we recently released our first game, Through the Woods, to good reviews and happy fans!

  • Composer

    I write music in many styles for computer games, film and TV. The numbers attached to these points are meaningless, by the way; they just came with the Wordpress theme.

  • Sound Designer

    I produce believable and creative audio to make your game world come alive.

  • Recording studio

    I have my own little professional studio which I have been putting together for many years

  • I am a nice guy!

    I am very easy to get on with and work hard to make sure I operate within budgets and timescales. I left one percent off because sometimes, you know... I can get hangry.

Audio Samples

Here's a little selection of random music I have made over the years

Here is a picture of my face

... and also a few links to my social channels
Dan Wakefield and his Face
Dan Wakefield and his Face
Sound designer / Composer
Here is a bit of writing that appears when you hover over this picture of my face.

This picture was taken on the Golden Gate Bridge, you know!


I've chosen, perhaps unwisely, to have my website all on one page, so I'll just list my favourite bits here

Neumann U87 AI
Sennheiser MKH 8040
Audio Technica AT 40-40
Shure SM58
Shure SM57


My Ears! Most important
RME Fireface UFX Audio Interface
Edirol FA-101 Backup Firewire Interface
Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum Pro
sE Reflexion Filter


KRK Rokit RP8 G2 Referance Monitors
Edirol MA-15D Active Nearfield Referance Monitors
Beyer Dynamic DT 100 Studio Headphones
KRK KNS 6400 Studio Headphones


Nuendo 7
Almost everything by Waves and Fabfilter
Lots of Spitfire Audio sample libraries
Altiverb 7
Massive amounts more

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